Residential Interior Painting Services

Interior PaintingRoom Prep - Remove outlet and switch plate covers, heater vent covers, furniture to center of the room, and cover with new plastic sheeting. Cover all floors with tarps.

Preparation - As per customer review, all painted surfaces are reviewed, holes and cracks spackled and sanded, and stains are sealed.

Painting - Repaired areas are primed, and customer's choice of premium quality paint is professionally applied to the room's surface.
Interior high foyer - scafold work.
Clean up - Tarps are removed, furniture moved back into place, outlet and switch plate covers are placed back on the walls. Work area is swept and cleaned.

Inspection - Home owners are encouraged to make note of areas that need touch up, or ask question during work progress. All customer concerns are addressed during inspection and prior to final payment. Steve's Painting Services is committed to 100% customer ratification!!!

Residential Exterior Painting Services

The Wash - As per your formal free quote we provide for every job, your exterior paint job will include either a power wash or a detailed hand wash of the area being prepped for exterior painting.

Surface Prep - All loose and flaking paint is scraped and sanded. Glossy areas are scuff sanded. All gaps are sealed with a premium quality caulk.

Painting - As per your quote, a primer coat will be applied to all exterior surfaces and allowed to dry properly. Then a premium quality exterior paint will be applied to achieve a uniform appearance.

Clean Up - At the end of the work day, the area being painted will be cleaned up, ladders stored, and supplies packed up and stored out of your way.

Final Inspection - Prior to final payment, a walk through will be completed with the homeowner. Any items that may have been overlooked during the work process will be addressed, and no final payment is due until all items have been performed as per contract. A feedback survey form will be provided at the end of the job, to provide a vehicle for the customer to provide feedback in key areas of our paint service. Steve's Painting Service strives to achieve 100% customer satisfaction.

Commercial Services

Steve's Painting Service also provides interior and exterior painting services to the commercial market. We have the professional contacts to make a exact color match to an existing color, or provide guidance in selecting a new color from the thousands available from our various paint suppliers. Steve's Painting Service will provide you with a free estimate, proof of liability insurance and Pennsylvania's Home Improvement Contractors License. We will show up on time and work to get your project moved along in a timely manner. Call Steve's Painting Service today at 610-762-6049 for your free estimate!!!

Wallpaper Removal

Steve's Painting Service can remove even the most stubborn wallpaper. We have the specialized tools and wallpaper removal products that makes removing wallpaper a breeze. After removing the wall paper, we will wash the walls down and remove all the glue and sizing residue from the wall. We will repair the wall if needed with spackle, sand out, and apply a good quality primer before applying your new top coat color. Removing old outdated wall paper and and applying a fresh contemporary color is a great way to transform your living space!!!

High Work

Do you have a high foyer entry, high stair case, or high exterior work that you just don't feel safe tackling on your own? Steve's Painting Service has the scaffold systems and ladder systems and all the necessary equipment to perform high painting work is a safe and secure manner. Call Steve's Painting Service at 610-762-6049 today. We will provide you with a guaranteed price quote for service, review with you exactly how we will perform the work, provide a start date and an estimate of how long the job will take. We are fully licensed and insured. Call us for your FREE estimate today.

Power Wash Services

Steve's Painting Services provides power wash services for home owners and commercial properties. Power washing removes dirt, grime, mildew and provides a fresh and clean look to decks, walkways, driveways and exterior walls.

Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Steve's Painting Service specializes in garage floor renewals, the transformation is amazing. What was once dirty and untidy is transformed into a super clean garage floor with a extremely durable surface. Your choice of gray or tan colors. Custom colors are available for a small extra charge. The process begins with a power wash of the entire floor, followed by a concrete etch. Floor is allowed to dry, and Epoxy paint is carefully mixed and applied to the garage floor surface. Color chips are added to the top layer of paint to blend the surfaces together for a truly brilliant appearance!!!

Minor Cement Work

As shown here, Steve's Painting Service and provide minor cement repair to patios, garage floors, stair cases, concrete walls, ect prior to painting. Call us today at 610-762-6049 for a free estimate for any of the services we offer.

Bilco Door Painting

Bilco doors come with a uniform, baked-on factory primer finish. If not top coated after installation, it does not take very long for them to rust and show wear. Steve's Painting Service will sand out any rust on the door, prime the areas that need a prime, and then apply one coat of alkyd metal enamel top coat for a great looking finished door.

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